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    what should I expect?

    This is my first cycle and I am 4 weeks in. Dbol for first 4weeks 20-30mg ed, 250mg sust per week, 400mg deca per week. Will probably add winnie. 10 week cycle. I have only gained about 6 or 7 pounds so far, I had gained 10 but lost some probably water. I try to eat alot 4000+ calories. What should I expect for gains? I expected more but I still have 6 weeks left. Will most gains come later? Also, Should I worry about overtrainig, what program is ideal?

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    How many grams of protein, fats, and carbs are you getting per day?

    Sustanon needs to be shot EOD (every other day) to make use of the propionate in the blend, and 250mg per week is very low.

    As far as the training program goes, post up yours in the workout forum for critique.

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    if you dont up the test past the deca exspect limp noodle.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jackman
    if you dont up the test past the deca exspect limp noodle.
    I agree, bump up the test if you don't wanna get yourself a limping dick And sust should be shot EOD.
    No one can tell you how much you will gain or not. It's very individual indeed.

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    thats a bad planned cycle... test should be ran at higher dosages and longer than the deca , as for your gains, no one can answer that for you, only you will know when you finish the cycle , keep us posted

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