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    The weakest link..

    Hello All,
    I have tried to search other threads on information on steroids . I am about 174 lbs, 6ft tall. Not a toothpick. My buddy was doing sustanon 250 2 injections per week. I am interested in starting a stack . I was wondering the best solution. I was looking and winstrol and really dont want to inject. But is it better to inject or take by mouth. The winstrol I see comes intablets so. Any help would be nice. Also about hw much to take and how to do the whole anti estrogen thing and for how long. I just want to gain about 20 lbs overall and bulk p a bit. I want some nice pecks and arms.. Please help..
    Any suggestions would be appreciated along with what to take, side effects, how to take it

    -DJ Flavor

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    look at the top of the forum man. they have stickies for this.

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    if this is first cycle just go basic with test enanthate or cyp...dont owrry about sustanon ...too 4-500 for 10-12 weeks....throw in some dbol for first 4 weeks @ 30mg ed....that will gain you 20lb easy if you do it right...dont worry about winny if you are tryin to put on mass....use winny when tryin to harden up

    as for pct u can run nolvadex from when u first start till two weeks AFTER your last injection of test...@ 10mg....then bump it up to 20mg for the next 3 weeks...during those 3 weeks run clomid at 300mg for first day, 100mg for days 2-11 and 50mg for days 12-21.

    also because dbol is toxic to the liver...take some milkthistle and/or liv52 liver detox.

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    You definitely will NOT gain 20pounds from taking winstrol only. Plus, doing a Winny only cycle is NOT a good idea. You would not be happy. Winstrol is mainly used at the end of a cycle to help cut up or to help with muscle hardness. Again, it should NOT be taken alone. Your buddy was NOT doing Sust correctly. It needs to be injected EOD (every other day). You should research Test Cyp or Test Enan. Slow down and do some research.

    Your first cycle should look something like this:

    Week 1-10 Test enan 500mg EW (shooting 250mg/Monday, 250mg/Thurs.)
    Week 1-10 Nolva 10mg ED
    Week 1-10 L Dex .25mg ED
    PCT - CLOMID - 2 weeks after last Test injection..

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    Definetely should do more research before starting you cycle, cuz we cazn tell you dont know much, jackt23's cycle is pretty much the 1st cycle for everyone and very good, good luck

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