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    Cycle Length: On the Right track

    Here is a quick summary of my query,
    I am on week 10 of sustanon and wish to run a least another 8 weeks. I wrote in before and asked if it was ok to put deca in mid cycle and consenus said it was a waste of money because it takes to long to kick in. It was a tough pill to swallow, but I listened.
    Anyway, I have enough sust in my possesion to kill an elephant and my testes are still visible. Would it be bad to run sust another 8 weeks or more. I I don't want to come off but I will if the experienced mebers think it is best.
    My Joints do hurt a little and I don't want to sound like a knucle head, but wouldn't a minimum of 200mgs of deca per week for the duration of this cycle be therapuetic.
    Thanks to any one who cares.
    P.S running sust @ 250 eod
    I have all the post therapy I need

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    Nope, you should stop the cycle.... the most you should add is two weeks, health comes 1st, save it up for your next cycle.

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    thats alot of test for a long time, If you don't have many cycles under your belt it would be a good idea to stop after 12 weeks or so.

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