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Thread: Help me

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    Help me

    Hi I took a shoot off 250 test e yester day and Im having moral doubtes and fell like Im doing something that is totally against my charachter, Im thinking about quiting and just to that one shoot. I know that I wont see any diffrence but should I worry about something, my bouys shutting down, should I do a PCT? PLeas help. Im panicin

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    don't sweat it not nearly enough to load you up. your body produces like 70-100 mgs per week so that 250 won't shut anything down

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    if u feel like your doing something bad, u shouldn't do it at all, i kinda had a moral dilemma but honestly steroids are about as bad as asprin if used properly

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    i dont see any reason to have a moral dilema after you shoot it already.

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