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    Mar 2004

    any suggestions??????

    hey guys havent been here for a while..but anyways..need ur help. im am currently researching what to use for my nex cycle. i have done a winny and prop and hgh. and have been off it for a while now becuase of detection times . so i need suggestion on what to use taht will get me jus as strong as the winny with a shorter detection time taht is an injectable. im lookin for something taht might clearin 5 months and shorter.

    holla bac

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    KeyMastur is offline VET
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    well the winny & prop definitely cleared out within the 5 months.

    as for the GH, no need to worry since you can't really test for it anyways

    and you say just as strong as winny like it's one of the strongest compounds out there. winny isn't going to add massive strength

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    roadrunna is offline New Member
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    Mar 2004
    yes im sue we've all read taht winny clears ur system in 2months but i really dont believe that, hence i cannot use it again. i have spoken many times to athletes who are able to have themselves tested and it does not clear in 2 months...and idont kno about u but winny made me very strong..i was able to obtain strength greater than i expected from it maybe becasue it was my first cycle but i happened regardless....anyways...i am still lookin for a suggestion of something else to use besides the winny......?.......please help would ike to kno so i can get enough before the new year comes.

    holla bac pleasse

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    Hey man,
    If ur looking for strength, look into a tren and prop cycle, and do winny at the end. im doing a cycle right now for 8 weeks, and the last 4 weeks i do the winny.

    200mL. a week of prop
    100mL. a week of tren
    100mL. a week of winny

    Im doin a shot every day, but i dunno if its for everyone.

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