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    What rules do you live by on a cycle?

    I was just curious about what rules you guys live by while on a cycle.. I also think this will be a helpful thread to the newbies so let's hear it boys.. here's mine:

    1.) Always run anti-e's.. (Nolva, Femara, etc.)
    2.) Always have everything before you start.. (Juice, Anti-e's, PCT, Needles, Food, Supps..)
    3.) Lift heavy and eat anything that's not nailed to the floor..

    I'll edit this and post more when I think of them.. just can't think straight right now, ****ing woman

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    im a "Cleaner Eater" so cant Eat Everything.


    Anti-Es and Liver Protectants are a good Start!!

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    Cardio, no alcohol, no rec drugs, eat clean and no slacking in the gym..............wait those are off cycle as well.

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