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Thread: 2nd Cycle

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    2nd Cycle

    Hey guys, I need feedback heres what I have

    6'2 233lbs 16%
    I have done one previous cycle 500mg, 10 weeks, made me horny as hell but not much in the weight room, source suggested 750+ first cycle but I only did 500mg under advice from people on this forum.

    30ccs test E 250mg/ml
    56 dbol 10mg(blue hearts)

    I was thinking

    1-4 500mg
    4-7 750mg
    8-10 1g

    1-4 dbol 20mg everyday

    and I have access to tren acetate 150mg/ml concentration was thinking of running 1/2cc each time I inject test(2x weekly), so really only 1cc of tren a week as it messes with me(makes me very paranoid, irritiable), but its tren acetate, so that would be like 75mg every 3rd day? I dunno, I would run it 6-8 weeks. Let me know what you guys think.

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    I should also mention,

    I know some might say just run 750mg test e for 10 weeks but I always wanted to try a gram just to see if its true what they say, "Magic starts to happen at about a gram". More of a mental thing I suppose, and I keep the dbol low to only 20mg, because it puts water weight on me fast, like 10-15lbs in 2 weeks. Anyone see a problem with me doing 500, then 750, then a gram test?

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    Ok......don't pyramid your cycle like that. What you should be striving after is stabile bloodlevels, you don't get that from pyramids bro. Run either 500mg/week for 10 weeks or 750mg/week for 10 weeks. Personally I would bump it up to 12 weeks. If you plan on running tren then run 75mg ED or 75mg EOD.

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