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    Test only long term cycle?

    Hey brothers,

    Having done 4 cycles in the past combined with just plain getting old(I'll be 33 in Jan.) my test levels have definitely dropped. No longer am I able to attain the goals that once came very easily to me (good genes) 6pack is still there, but the constant pump is only there while taking some sort of Test.
    Question is: I've been ready alot about the HRT and have been thinking of conducting my own research, what are your opions on 250mg of cyp a week for 20 weeks?

    200pnds Thanks Sharky
    15pct BF

    Will this totallly shut the nuts down?
    At that low a dose could it kickstart them again?

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    will shut you down. No kick start. A couple of months ago I finished a great cycle of test for 15 week at 600mb and eq 16 weeks at 400mg. I just turned 34. If you have only run 10-12 week cycles before I think a 16 week would be good, as long as a blood test looks good.

    I also ran dbol at 30mg for the first 4 weeks. It was a wonderful jump start and I was noticing strength gains from it in 4-5 days. Also EQ was wonderful and I think it solidifys gains.

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    Thanks for the response, I also liked EQ, but noticed serious joint problems afterward. I can only guess, but have read alot saying EG does ( Dry out the joints) causing tendinidous and such. But, the last thing I want to do is shut the nuts down again so I'll split the bottle into 2. 10 week cycles.... Also if I'm not experiencing the effect I want from the 250mg after 5 weeks I'll just bump up the mg's. Thanks Bro

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