ive done 4 cycles now and have done some harsher drugs here and there (dbol , fina) and have decided, based on my progress during pct that i will stick to mild 3 month cycles with 6 months off between. and i have decided to do no more than test and anavar (maybe primobolan some time if i find very good product). now for my question regarding anavar. i know the best kind is the spa from italy brand but everyone knows its very expensive. i have a reliable source with a very decently priced spa var, but still it will cost me a 1000 US just for the var alone if i wanted to run it for 40mg pd for 12 weeks! so was wondering if there are other brands that can be trusted as much as the spa brand. i am willing to go 50mg pd to ensure that i will get atleast the results i will get from 40md pd of spa. the only product i have access to right now other than the spa is the british dragon kind, but that product is expensive too and i have not heard 100% good reviews about the brand. so plz give opinions as to which brand i should try. thanks