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Thread: tribulus

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    does tribulus help or hinder recovery of the HPTA?

    this may be in the wrong forum:-
    does tribulus make your body produce more endogenous luetinising hormone which in turn raises test levels or does it work by mimicking LH like hcg to raise test levels?
    the reason i ask is to ascertain whether tribulus would be inhibitory to the recovery of the HPTA post cycle like hcg can be or does it in fact speed PCT?
    i would be interested in anyone who can explain how tribulus actually works giving me input.
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    yeah, ur in the wrong forum, do a search on how it works using a search engine, it is good for PCT as it does raise test levels fairly well. i wouldnt do PCT with out it

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    lots of people use it while on cycle to prevent "Atrophy" and speed up recovery.

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    tribulus always is a must when i cycle it helps speed up my recovery time a lot.

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