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    suggestions anyone

    alright here's what i got

    25 karachis
    2-10ml 300mg qv deca
    2-10ml 75mg qv trem

    clomid and nolva for pct

    just looking for suggestions or ideas, I have used sust before but i just recently heard sust should be shot at least eod but i would like to keep my cycle up for more than 50 days ( can also get dbol and 50mg winny pills but funds are kinda low right now)
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    I would get more sust and run eod for 12 weeks, 400mg deca a week for 10 weeks or 150mg tren eod for 8 weeks. Dont run tren and deca at the same time. And use d-bols if thats all u can get for the first 4 weeks 30-50mg ed for a jump start.

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