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Thread: idex or femera?

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    idex or femera?

    my next cycle: 1-10 test prop 100mg ed
    1-8 tren 75 mg ed
    6-8 winny 50 ed
    1-10 nolva 20 mg ed

    Now the question is I am really gyno prone so if I added something else to help combat it would I add IDEX or FEMERA? I have used neither of these products before...

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    bump will be doing a cycle similar to yours without the winny, B6,vitex, and bromo will help with gyno caused by the fina, but still looking for which on is the best option? anyone

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    If you use them...& IMO you need to start them before you start your test (like a week before) may find your no longer gyno prone at other words they work...good luck to ya Bro...

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