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Thread: Strength loss

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    Strength loss

    Just wondering how much strength you guys lose after a cycle? i mean if you still lift/eat hard..........

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    i generally dont loose much at all.. and i dont loose size for that matter either.. it all depends on how good u prepare with your PCT.... i find the first week hard before of the testosterone decrease but after that u should be all good..

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    I usually lose about 50% of the strength I gained, but on the bright side I still have the other 50% of what I gained on top of what I could do before the cycle. I generally keep almost all of my size though, which is more important than strength to me.

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    just don't go on a hardcore post cycle like me after....u will keep almost all of your gains, but feel a little softer and lose a few pounds but thats most often from water weight or lack of protein post cycle

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