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    eqipose question

    how long does it take for eq to kick in im thinking of stacking it with sus250. i have 50cc of eq and 15 of sus250 is it enough. if its enough im thinking of taking 1month off and taking d.bol and deca . i have 20cc of deca qv300 and 50cc of d.bol injectable.

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    eq takes about 6 weeks to kick in,it should b run at 400 mg/week for at least 12 weeks. sust should b about 500mg/week for about 12 weeks also. it doesnt sound like u have done ur research on the stuff so i recomend u do that 1st. and imo if this is ur 1st cycle i would go with 500mg/week of test e. u will need to do pct as well.
    good luck bro

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