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Thread: infection?

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    Hey guys just wondering if i have an infecton and what steps to take with it, On wed. i took my shot and it got a little sore in the hours following, ( more than usual) i just figures it was becuse i added 200 mg of winstrol to my shot, by the next day my arm had turned as little red, from my anterior delt to the upper half of my bicep, there was a little swelling a bit more than a bee sting, and my ROM was a bit limited. Ihad no fever and it was not hot to the touch, today everything seems better, swelling is 90% gone, color and pain are 95% gone and ROM is back to normal. the only thing that is worrying me is that i have pain in my lower back, which may have come from anything or has the infection spred? Also wsa this an infection? will it go away on its own? should i buy some cipro, or augmentin and which one is safer, the help is much appreciated

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    It seems like you just had cellulitis, or swelling. I don't think it would subside that quick if it was an infection, but you could take antibiotics to make sure.

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    I dont think its anything to worry about, you could go to a doc if you want if you're worried, good luck

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    The redness in your arm is gone? and no swelling? no temp? then you dont have an infection at the site maybe you did a heavy leg workout and your back is sore? I dont think your back pain and your injection are related

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    You shot 200mg of Winny at once. That stuff is supposed to be run at 50mg/ed.....

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    Shot in my Tri thursday, turned like a pinkish color where it hurt, like a bruise except pink like blood, hurt like a bitch, still is, wgradually went down my hole tri to m y elbow, felt like i was shot, slowly being able to bend it with each day just hope its ready by monday already missed fridays Workout do to it. I love Prop

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