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    My first cycle (bulk) with test enan or deca, suggestions?

    I'm 21, 6' 3", 175lbs. around 10% BF. I've trained off and on for several years, but consistently in the last month, 6 days a week. I will be be doing a 2 days on 1 off routine on the cycle, unless somebody thinks I should up that.

    Cycle 1:
    1-10 test enan 300mg EW
    1-10 nolva 10mg ED
    1-10 L-dex .25mg ED

    Starts week 12
    1-14 100mg clomid/20mg nolva/.25mg L-dex
    15-28 50mg clomid/20mg nolva/.25mg L-dex

    Cycle 2:
    1-5 Deca -durabolin 2cc EW
    1-5 nolva 10mg ED
    1-5 L-dex .25mg ED
    Same PCT

    This second cycle is recommmended by a friend of mine and the results were good for him, aside from the nolva and l-dex.. he takes none. He doesn't have his future in mind I do, so I'm thinking lowest amount of drugs as possible, greatest gains fewest side effects, probably like a lot of people. Keep in mind I'm not playing competitive sports and won't be in the near future so long term health and sustainability is the priority over short term gains. A little less gains now but being on the safer side is a priority.

    Since I am trying to gain as much weight as possible should I focus more on low reps 4-6 or stick with my current 8-10 reps per set?

    Are there any supplements that you would recommend that might improve results or keep side effects to a minimum?

    As for diet I'm thinking about aiming for 4000 calories a day, with 1g protein for every lb. of body weight? Any suggestions?

    I box every other day, and sometimes on the off day for a shorter period for general upper body workout, and to stay trim, should i stop this during the cycle?

    Thanks in advance for any help.

    Also I'm going to Mexico after this planning is finished, any general guidelines on prices that are reasonable, also on maybe what to watch out for when down there in terms of scams or getting ripped off. * NOT LOOKING FOR A SOURCE *

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    Canada Ehh...
    cycle 1 looks good but I would up the test to atleast 400mg/week. do not do a deca only cycle, unless you like limp dick and being tired all the time. not recommended but for my first cycle I did 500mg/week test 400mg/week deca and packed on good weight. for training I would stick to heavy weight and low reps. these are just ideas. If it were me I would wait. one month of steady trainging is nothing. I would keep lifting get diet in order and by then you will have done enough reasearch to put together a great first cycle. good luck bro.

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    5 weeks is not nearly long enough for deca , it needs to be run a minimum of 10 weeks. Plus it should always be run with test.
    Test should be run at 500mg, 300mg is too low of a dose and you would most likely be very unhappy with your results.
    For a first cycle run 500mg test a week for 10 weeks with pct after and use some prop at 100mg eod to kick start it for the first 4 weeks.
    Save the deca for your second or third cycle and run it at 400mg a week for 10 weeks and 500mg test a week for 12 weeks.

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    AnabolicAlien Guest


    run the deca and test at the same time. bump the test to 400 a week.

    although i have several friends who've run deca alone, had great gains, and never got deca dick; there seem to be countless people on the boards who talk about it. you decide.


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    test 4-500 and deca 3-400: keep test higher than deca.
    the idea of runnin deca alone is not a good one (also, 5 wks only is a waste imo)

    1-10 test
    (1-9 deca) but if this is your first cycle id go with test only

    in both cases id kickstart with prop or dbols wk 1-4 @ 30mg ed
    if u go for test and deca, take some b6 to keep prolactine level under control (2-300mg ed)
    hope i didnt forget anything...
    ah, if u kiickstart with prop (1-4) and u save some, u can use it wks 11 and 12 till -3 days before pct starts...

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