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    Oppinions on my sycle?


    I`m startin a new cycle,ones again and would like to know would somebody have any fresh new ideas to how to take it!I`ve taken bout 6 sets in 2,5years.Working 4 7years.I´m 186cm/110Kg

    I have:

    Superbolin 150 (Jurox) 3X16ml
    Omnadren 1ml amp X 50
    Anadrol (brittish dragon) X100
    Russian 0,05 tabs.X900
    Deca (Lyca labs)2x10ml
    Winstrol 1ml amp X 10
    Hcg 5000 X5
    Nolva..a lott

    How would i part those?


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    bro do a search no ones just guna throw a cycle together for you by just giving the info on the **** you have!

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