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Thread: new cycle

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    new cycle

    My new cycle is going to be 300eq qvsunday 200 deca on thurssdayqv and 350 of aratest on sunday for 3 weeks on 3weeks of to have slow gains . i have read alot about this type of cycling and it seems to be safer and your gains can be better because the body handles the slower adding of muscle. I may throw some win on top of it also. Any thoughts

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    If your mind is set on 3 on 3 off. I would use another combo. Both eq and deca take at least 4 weeks to kick in. I would never do a 3 on 3 off myself. I have found on a 12 weeker 80% of your gains come in the last 5 weeks.
    If I was to try a 3 on 3 off I would use a Prop/Tren or Prop/D-bol

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    I wouldnt do that type of cycle, the gains arent as good, good luck

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    no your $$ and health

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