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    I must be part woman cause I can't make up my **** mind!!

    First of all, No Offense to the Ladies! I am going to start a lean bulker tomorrow and I can't decide what to use with my test and anadrol . I think I have made up my mind to use ICN's as my test base (have 124 Omnadren so that could change in the next 24hrs) and turkish anapolans as my kick start oral (have 2k Dispensary pinks so that could change in the next 24 hrs). It's a toss up between EQ and Tren Ace. Done EQ before but only 4 weeks of tren (stopped because life/work got crazy and I couldn't eat, train, etc). Here is what I have been going over in my head the last week or so.....

    Price-both are pretty much the same

    Injection volume-Eq wins hands down plus once a week vs 6 days a week(will take Sunday off from injections)

    Mass-both will give lean gains but tren blows EQ out of the water for end results

    Strength-Tren is great but I seem to do well with EQ also.

    EQ will help me throw back the calories I need to grow. I will be the first to admit alot of days I don't/can't take in the calories I need (and I know I'm not the only one). I have both on hand. I'm this way with everything in my life. I have to learn to make up my mind and stick with my decision. My problem is I have lots of time to think at work and unfortunately I do. Personally I'm leaning toward tren.......but I like EQ too.

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    Yea EQ is good but im on deca right now

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    It's a win/win situation. The upside to EQ as you said is less frequent injections. Good luck whatever decision you make.

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    Why not EQ and Tren at the same time????

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    Quote Originally Posted by BeefCakeStew
    Why not EQ and Tren at the same time????
    I 2nd that, you can't lose unless money is an issue then go for tren !

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    Tren , EQ, test with an A.I. NUFF SAID.

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    EQ+Test+food+lifting hard = Real big boy!

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