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    Is this dosage high enough?

    I am currently in school and didn't have alot of money to put down for a cycle. I know these dosages should be higher but was wondering if the dosages listed will give any noticable results.

    week 1-4 D-bol 20mgs/day
    week 1-8 NanDec 200mgs/week
    week 1-8 Sustanon 250mgs/week
    week 1-8 Cyp 100mgs/week

    Just got another 1000mgs of Enanthate and was wondering if its worth throwing it in if I'm about to go in to week 4. Also is taking the salad of cyp and sust the way I am as good as taking some sort of test at 350mgs per week (in other words is a combo of tests as good as one test at the same dosage). I was thinking about throwing in 200mgs of Enanthate in between my weekly shots but am n ot sure because its said that they it takes a few weeks for test E to kick in which is when I would be done. Would it have been better if I had arranged it like:

    1-4 D-bol 20mgs/day
    1-4 Sust 500mgs/week
    5-8 Cyp 200 mgs/week
    1-8 NanDec 200mgs/week

    By the way the gains have not been bad so far just was scared that they will slow down or stop once the D-bol is cut off.

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    thats a horrible cycle bro....not long enough, and not enough juice

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    bro if u cant afford to do juice dont do it! that cycle is ****!
    sust should b shot eod,cyp should b 500mg/week,deca should b 400mg/week.

    but if this is ur 1st cycle u should stick with test e 5oomg/week, by itself

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    if anything throw away the deca and just add more test. And if short on $ why on earth use sustanon ! get same results using test e with almost half the money!

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    don't do another cycle until you have the cash to buy everything you need up front. this way you'll never have to end a cycle early because of a lack of money or lack of a source.

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    like they said bro....wait till you have the money for the whole thing

    and like jackman said...sust is overpriced...

    but if your gonna run it like this

    week 1-4 D-bol 30mgs/day
    week 1-10 NanDec 400mgs/week
    week 1-10 Sustanon 500mgs/week(break it up eod)
    and then pct

    youd be fine with just test and dbol ..

    weeks 1-4 dbol 30mg ed
    weeks 1-10 test e/cyp 500mg

    also there is no need for cyp and enanthate in same cycle...
    hope this helps


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    Quote Originally Posted by Jackman
    if anything throw away the deca and just add more test. And if short on $ why on earth use sustanon! get same results using test e with almost half the money!
    The reason for using Suts was because it was free from a friend that had some left over from his cycle as well as the D-bol, deca and cyp. Test E is the only thing I'll have to pay for but even that I am getting dirt cheap so I wanted to go for it.

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    sorry is this your first cycle?

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    supa_juicy is offline New Member
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    It's my 2nd

    first was:

    week 1-8 Sust 500mgs/week went up to 750mgs/week week 3-6
    week 1-7 D-bol 20mgs/day

    I also had a really weak cycle when I was under the impression that if I took what is recommended I will get bodybuilder results but if I took only half or third I will have a beach body. Hahah! This cycle that I don't count is as follows:

    week 1-8 Deca 200mgs/week (yellow tops that am now almost sure were fakes)
    week 1,2,7,8 Sust 250mgs/week
    week 3,6 Sust 500mgs/week
    week 4,5 Sust 750mgs/week

    I don't even count this cycle when mentioning how many cycles I've done. Simply because the dosages are low specially taking into consideration that the deca was fake. To many on this forum, even the cycles I would count are ridiculous but at the end of it all I still achieve results that were not achievable naturally. And in my opinion there are many on here who do not realize that hundreds of potential steroid users and current users come to this forum to inform themselves on juice and dosages. No body is built the same. One person reacts to a substance totally different than another.

    My first visit to this site was to look at pics of real and fake gear, and find ways to tell them apart and to educate myself on some UG labs. After being impressed by the knowledge and references provided by some members(mainly a guy that calls himself TheMoneyBossHustla) I decided to join and ask some questions. This is not the only place where I was trying to educate myslef though.

    I asked two pros at my gym about my D-bol and Sust cycle and what they thaught of it and they both said they were small but good for a first cycle. I asked one what is the most d-bol one should consume in a day he said that 30mgs is good for anyone but one CAN go up to 40mgs. The other agreed and just advised me to not take them ever all at once but to spread them out throughout the day, about a pill every 2 to 3 hours. Then one day on this forum I am reading highest dosages people say they have taken and hear about guys taking up to 150mgs a day. If I hadn't spoken to the 2 guys that were 270+lbs with about 5% BF, I would be one of the misinformed poor guys believing that that is the only way I can get that look and maybe try it. Many are saying to themselves if I can ask the pros for advice why bother with this board. Because out of courtesy I don't want to interrupt the guy or stalk him around the gym to get my gear questions answered. And another thing is that those were rare occasions that noone was around for the conversation to lead that way and for me to pop those questions up without bringing any heat. As common sense will tell you someone who has a s much to do with controlled substances as much as a competitive pro bodybuilder doesn't like to talk openly about those thing in public.

    I am not saying that people on here don't know what they're talking about. Some do and some don't have a clue and IMO just go overboard. But hey, your body do what you want. Just please take into consideration that there are others who unlike me didn't have the opportunity to ask someone who judging by their results knows what they're talking about and sees the people on here as the only real source of information and knowledge. And when their question is asked don't say "Oh my god that cycle sucks" or "Buddy up that dosage untill you can feel your left hand go numb and then bring it back down in case that happens", but instead if you know the answer, answer it with if possible a reason why it should be done that way.

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