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    Question First Cycle .. Clen for pct ????

    hey guys ... wanna know what u think about first time

    1-13 Test Enan 500mg
    1-4 Test Prop 50mg ED
    14-15 Test Prop 50mg ED
    1-18 Nolva 10-20mg ED
    16-18 Clomid Therapy

    1. How could i incorporate CLEN into my pct ??
    2. How should i stick the ENAN .... once a week or twice ?

    lookin for some quality advice ... let me know what u guys think

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    Before anyone flames this guy for asking about the same question, I told him to post his question on clen for advice, he misunderstood me as I meant only about clen as a pct not the same post adding the clen question.

    Quietstorm33, search this forum and then ask questions. The answer is here

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