Sup bros, I have done this many times but this time I used a 6g kit.

I did this conversion over three weeks ago and have been using it since. What happened is that the funnel w/ the filter ended up having so much gunk in it that the fina could not flow through the funnel, even after waiting 24 hours. At the end, I ended up picking up the coffee filter and twisting it just a little to get the extra liquid out. Well, I figured that if anything that through, the whatman would filter it out.

So now I am in week 3 of my prop/fina cycle and I am starting to think that maybe I should refilter this batch, just to be safe. The injections are hurting alot (probably due to the prop) but the fina's color is a little too brown. Usually it turns out golden, but this time is has a brown hue to it. AM I worrying too much, or should I go ahead and refilter this batch through a whatman?


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