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    Cutting before Cycle

    Need som good reasons to tell my friend to do his cutting before he start he start his cycle. I know that its better but No really good reasons pops up in my head...
    He has about 20 % bf and he wants to start cycle now and then do cutting after. not directly after then he will lose all. he knows that but ... after a while.

    list them as

    thanx for helping out.

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    I think a reson that the body fat should be down is because people with high body fat tend to be out of shape, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, etc and taking steroids makes all of those things worst, but 20% is still not obese, so if he's healthy and normal blood pressure etc, I think it would be ok, Im at 19% right now and on cycle, no biggie.

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    another good reason would be the amount of food he has to take in. Giving hypothetical numbers, lets say hes 250 right now and then cuts down his weight to lets say 130 before cycle. At 250 his BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate) is so much higher than at 230 so just to do his daily chores he has to burn that many extra calories. So in the long run he can get away with eating less and up his food intake during his cycle when he starts getting bigger. Saves money, energy, time, etc.

    Theres also the issue of insulin sensitivity but that would take a while to explain. Lets just say that after cutting you get more 'bang for your buck' when you start bulking.


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    should be alright to cut after a cycle using clen , cause your only getting rid of fat and not muscle.

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