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    hcg how oftem can you take it and for how long

    can anyone answer this. i am in the middle of a a long cycle that started in may2004 and will end in april 2005. march will have the most androgenic drugs takenand the most test at the same time. april i will use to ween off the test. when should hcg be used? should i be taking some now? how many IU's and how Often? how many weeks can one stay on hcg?

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    use the search button!

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    I'd start now with 500ius twice a week right up until PCT.

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    your running an 11 month cycle woah
    check out swales hcg protocol do a search on it

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    My doctor recommends taking HCG right at the half way point of a 12 week cycle at 1000iu's per day for 10 days straight and then a week after my last test shot, do the same dosage and duration. He is an MD and the doctor to every bodybuilder around my area. I trust what he says for sure, though you will get many different opinions on this topic.

    I did a 9 month cycle and did not do HCG during it. I wasn't seeing the doc at the time but went to him when I just could not recover my nuts after PCT. My normal PCT was just no cutting it this time due to the length of time my testosterone was suppressed. Anyway, he prescribed the HCG and I was back to normal right away. In the future, I will use HCG at the half way point and for PCT.

    As for you at 11 months, I would do it at month 3, 6, 9 and 12. You need to kick start your test production at least every 3 months when you're on that long. It will make your recovery much easier. This advice comes straight from a Physician who specializes in bodybuiliders on juice. So take it for what it's worth.

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    Good info jayman.
    Scumby it'll also help if you post what your whole cycle is going to look like.

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