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    who here takes clen and t3 at the same time?

    i have been doing alot of research lately about clen , and t3...however, i am having trouble finding info on running them together....this will be my first time with both substances, so i am a little unclear on the doses....i know that i want to run clen/t3 two weeks on two weeks off with ECA inbetween...somebody please tell me if this is safe

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    I'm pretty sure Mallet had some in depth posts about this. You could try to find those.

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    I have also read to only run T3 while on AS as it will eat up muscle as well as fat. I'm going to run clen /t3 with my next cutter.

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    I've run them together with good results. Always use AAS with T3 to prevent muscle loss. I like the Mallet 7/5 cycle. Do a search for it, it's 7 days on 5 off and is safe and effective.

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