Hey Guys/Gals:

Here's my deal......I'm about to start my second cycle. My first full cycle with Test. My stats are 205lbs at 15%bf, 5'-9" tall and 8 years training. My first cycle was 2 years ago with EQ at 300mg/wk and 25mg/d Dbol for 4 weeks. 10 lbs gained and lost some BF.

I have 3 bottles Orbit Test Cyp 250mg/ml 10ml and 100-10mg Orbit Dbol. Femera for an anti-E during cycle and Nolv for PCT.

My big problem is that I can't decide how best to cycle it. Should I lower dose the test at 500mg/wk(2 cc) for 15 weeks? OR should I up the dose to 625mg/week(2 1/2 cc) for 12 weeks? OR should I go big and use 750mg/week for 10 weeks. Obviously I want to use the least amount and get the best gains but, I don't want to cheat myself either.

What would you all do if you were in my situation based on my stats?