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Thread: gyno questions!

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    gyno questions!

    hey whats up peoples! i have a couple of questions for ya if u care to answer them itll be greatly appreciated. 1st off its bin a lil over 5 months now since my last cycle and i did use a pct. and while i was on i checked my nips every once n a while n everything was all good. but a lil over a month after my cycle my friend got gyno and it wiged me out so i have to admit that after that i checked them constantly. now the prob that im having is shortly after that i started to notice a lil bump n my left nip and n my right it kinda feels like 2 bumps. my friends keep telling me its from constantly probing them and their like brused or somthing like that and give it time itl go away. well its bin 2 months later n their still there but not as bad so i decided to take nolva again for 3 weeks n i just recently got off and it feels like my left is allmost gone n my right is still there but not as bad. during that time i didnt fuk with them at all. so now im not sure if it is gyno or my friends r write so please if any one can help me out here thatl be great cuz im itching to jump on another cycle thanks

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    Canada Ehh...
    hard to say if it is or is not. if you have lumps then ya might have a little gyno. if the nolva is bringing it down then keep doing what you are till it goes away.
    or ask the doc. he can tell ya forsure. good luck bro

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