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    disapointed with 9 week sust, any advice would be appreciated

    allright guys, now i know im going to get flamed here and fair enought i may deserve it but im willing to take it like a man. This was my first ever cycle i did sust for 8 weeks 500mg a week each 3rd day. Some days i would go 4 days some even 5 ! (if i was unable to inject for variouse reasons)

    After about 6 weeks of seeing no real weight gains i added deca a 1ml shot with my 250mg shot of sust each 3rd day. I seen about 7.5 pounds gain in weight from the start of the cycle to week 9. Because of this i have stoped the cycle and feel disapointed. My diet to start with was very good eating loads ! but after about week 4 i let my diet slip and from then on it kind of sucked !

    (Must add, strength went through roof !)

    I belive this is the reason and i know its my own fault ! I took nolva each day until about week 7 but after seeing no real gains in weight i kind of lost heart !

    I am a complete ecto and really do find it hard putting on weight.

    I have considerd taking anadrol for 3 weeks then finishing off my sust ( 5 vital ) and 1 bottle of deca. I have not injected now for 2 weeks.

    Do you think this is wise? probably not but i just want to gain weight soooo bad ! (i plan on taking it all with nolva)

    I know my gear was legit as i checked it all out on the net and the guy i get it off, every guy i know thats on or been jucing gets it off my dealer.

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    fix your diet

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    The sust was just starting to kick in when you let your diet bo to hell. The deca probably didn't do much at all for you because you started it so late and it takes so long to start.

    Abort cycle NOW and begin PCT 18 days after your last injection.

    Next time dont just start throwing more gear in the mix just because you are not seeing gains. If you are not gaining it is because your not training and eating right. If you can barely gain while on, your going to have a very hard time keeping any of your gains while off.

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    Jab sust eod. Stay focused on your goals and the requirements necessary to meet them. These include strict diet, sleep, lifting intensity, alcohol cessation, and determination. Do not look in the mirror every day to see how you've grown, but rather feel your growth and challenge your body in the gym every workout. I tell everyone this game is sooooooo mental. When your head is straight, the bod will follow. Best of luck!

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