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    Last minute dnp questions

    I few questions before I start. By the way I have researched my a$$ off but these few answers allude me still.

    can I take tylonol PM before bed?

    (my source said this)should I take benydrl even before the symptoms start(hives,histamine)? Like once a day?I would take it nightly instead of the tylonol pm.

    are these supplements/tools adequite? magnesium, vit. c, vit. e, ala, muliti vit.,calcium,bendryl,water,more water,fruits,high fiber,oregano,eca,fan,cranberry,coffee,cold weather(i heard glycerol does'nt really help)

    I will take 200 mg's 4 days - then bump to 400mg for 3 days
    30 min lifting then 30 min cardio for workouts
    low fat/moderate carb/high protein
    Am I missing anything? This $hit is kinda scary...

    (This is all fictional by the way)

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    dnp scares me

    here's a bumpzorz for you tho

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    Yes, start taking anti-histamine 3 days before you start the dnp cycle, and for a week after.
    If you wait until you have an allergic reaction and break out in hives you'll have to go to a doctor for some Zyrtec.

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    if you have an allergic reaction wouldn;t that mean you stop the thing that gives it to you? an allergic reastion is a way for your body to tell you someting is wrong...with something as dangerous as DNP i dont think i would just want to ignore my body and cover up/ignore the symptoms...
    Also i know somewhere on here is a shopping list for DNP and it lists all the supps and stuff you will want to have on hand while running it.
    best of luck
    here ya go bro All you need to know about DNP
    read the allergy part it says you should stop for 7-10 days then can resume since allergic reaction seems to build upa tolerance... read the section youll get it im sure.
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    I dont post here even though I have been registered for 2 years.


    My first run was 200mgs a day for 3 days.
    I went up to 400mgs a day for 4 days.
    Then I dropped down to 200mgs a day for 3 days.

    I lost 11lbs. in those 10 days.Everything was great,

    I started a second DNP run 3 weeks later.I don't think I waited long enough between cycles cuz I had the following problems:

    Day 1 : 400 mg a day
    Day 2 ' 400 mg a day
    Day 3 : Hives around my finger tips that spread all through out my hands on day 5
    Day 6 : the hives were full and yellow and started to leak
    Day : 7 Went to the Doc,told him I cleaned out some weeds behind my condo.He said I had an allergic reaction to the weeds.I knew it was from the DNP.He gave me a shot of Ephefedrine and some pills called Predisone.
    Day 10 : All hives were cleared up

    DNP builds up in your system and causes a Histamine build up.If I were you I would take Benedry for a week before you start your DNP run.

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