hey fellas this is my first time making homebrew. I made my test and eq without much problem. The hardest part was getting all the clumpy test into the vial, I lost almost 1/2gram doing so because it stuck to the sides of the bag and melted on my fingers. I had plenty though.
Anyway my problem is that durring the filtering I used an 18g needle and the hole it made when it went into my sealed vial lets a little air through. I didn't notice this until this morning when I did my second shot of this cycle. It's only with the Eq. vial and while I'm drawing out the Eq. there are air bubbles comming up from the hole. Is this a problem?
Also I find that the test gets kind of frothy in the syringe, is this a problem?
thanks in advance for the imput.
P.S. I posted this in the lab forum, but thought somebody here could give me some advice, so I brought it over.