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    lump fom injection

    my good friend just started his first cycle ever. hes a couple weeks in and was injecting around 2cc's of EQ and Test enanth. he called me on wed after his injection and said a lump showed up, and it was red and sore. he called me again today and said is was still there and was tender only when he touched it. he said also that he did aspirate and when he pulled the needle out some of the juice came out with it and ran down his leg?? this has never happened to me through 4 cycles so i didnt know what to tell him. anybody got any info on this??

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    it happens every now and then. Could be a number of things I suppose. Unless he starts running a fever I wouldnt worry too much.

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    absess maybe- shouldnt be much to worry about.. just watch for signs of infection,etc..

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    If you have a doctor look at it, tell them its b-12 you were injecting.

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    just happened to me right now!! I hate it when that happens because you loose a little bit of that precious oil.

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