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    Question Fresh

    Let´s say i would like to gain mass, about 20 pounds.

    Stats: Age 19, 6,2+, weight, 80 kg/185 lbs (i think)

    Weight training 3-4 years, recent goals: Shedding fat.

    Now i would like to try to gain 20 pounds but i still want to bee rockhard and not loose my 6-pack that i´ve worked so hard for.

    Im fresh to roids, never touched em before and i am interested in them now to se what they can give me.

    What would you think be the best way to achieve my goal.

    I was thinking about commencing one bulk-period and later on shed away the fat using both gain-roids and shed-fat roids, is this a good way to do this??

    what would my gear consists of??

    I´ll post a picture as i am now, -20 lbs that i would like to gain.

    thankfull of answer

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    First of all, you're to young to be juicing! For a first cycle a Test only cycle is recommend. Either test E or cyp IMO but if you don't mind ED or EOD injections the prop or sust/omna could be something for you...

    PM for the swedish version

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    Too young IMO. At 6'2" and 185 you still got more growing to do naturally b4 you hit the juice. Keep a closer eye to your diet if you're not gaining what you think you should be. If you want to do a cycle, though, that would keep bloat down and help gain mass I would reccomend 75mg test prop ed. Very little water retention with this test ester. If you can't do ed shots go with 250mg test enth e3d. run both for 10 weeks and follow up with PCT. If you need help putting something together for a good PCT protocol you should really check out Pheendo's thread in the PCT forum. Above all else, please research more before you beging your cycle.


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    Too young and still have lots of gain you can make naturally, eat more and workout smartly and you will get huge.

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    Stockholm Swe whats your diet consist of? do you have one?

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