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    test & sust. 250

    Would it be ok to run 500mg's of test enan. with 500 mg's of sust. 250 would that be running too much test at one time for just a second cycle? Im really looking for somthing that wont stay in my system as long as deca will becuase im going to try out for a football team...
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    If it's a first cycle then yes it's far too much... It would also be better to just stick with one test at a time.

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    Thats a gram of test a week, way too much and the sides will be greater.. gains and strength will increase, but stick to 500 of test e a week or if you want to go higher... sust, eod..750 a week, good luck!

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    If you never taken sustanon before you should only start with 250mg. I ran 500mg for mine, but I didn't get any bigger than taking just 250mg

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