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Thread: post-op cyclin

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    post-op cyclin

    Im curious about cycling after i heal from the gyno surgery im gettin done next week. I dont kno if the glands are getting completely taken out but ive had gyno a bit since i was 13 so my body is naturally a bit sensative to estrogens. But, in maybe february i was plannin on maybe running just 200mg test enth wk 1-10 and maybe 20 mg dbol wk 1-4. If i run 10mg nolva ED and double that during pct along with clomid should I probably b ok?

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    id say youd be fine after gyno surgery, but i am no doctor, so i cant guarantee anything

    whats your cycle history?

    those doses seem very low, and as such i probably wouldnt even bother running a cycle with 20mg dbol and 200mg test, if its your 1st cycle tho i guess it could be ok


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