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Thread: Need Help?!?!

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    Angry Need Help?!?!

    Looking for a good cycle i have tried some sustanon 250 and worked by itself and very little......i am 23-5'7-153......want to put on some mass.....i could get some ip deca 300 and anadrol .....could someone please give a little advice?:

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    he is just sayn what kind of shit he can get. didnt no what wasnt allowed.

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    sorry ill make sure its better worded next time......thanx

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    Mar 2002
    does anyone know a good stack or cycle for mass?

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    i am 5'5'' 180... a bit bigger than you but in the same ball park... it all depends on your goals, your nutrition, your dedication, your
    education, your will etc.

    wks 1-10 EITHER testov or test e or sust/omna
    500mg /wk
    wks 1-10 EITHER deca or EQ 400 mg/wk
    weeks 1-5 take 40-50mg of dbol ED
    weel 13 clomid therapy
    300mg day 1
    100mg day 2-10
    50mg day 11-21
    you are set here for building mass, you DONT need anything else and you WILL grow w/o the dbol just so you know, its a kickstarter drug, make sure you have anties and if you have the money i would get proviron or an antiaromatic agent of some sort just for saftey (IMO) however most will tell you not to

    drink plenty of water (1+ gallons per day) and take milk thistle if you are going to do the dbol

    eat like a horse but get enough protein - EAT CLEAN (eat from good clean protein sources)

    peace MM

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