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    i need a new workout routine help please

    okay i need a new workout routine i think i am goin to the gym way to much i think. i am 6'1, 150 lbs yess i know its 150lbs i have a very fast metabolism and i eat alot, okay this is what my routine looks like now if u guys can help me out, and make a new routine that would be great

    mon- off
    tue- bi - tri's
    sun- chest
    okay please dont flame, because i am askin for help. what do you think would be good for a new routine, i need all the advice

    i do 3 sets on everythin, the first set i do 15 reps very light to shock the body , then the 2-3 sets very hard, i started goin this for the past 2 months, but i dunno, what do u guys think, i am askin for help please dont flame, thanks all

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    There is a workout forum for this

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    First you have to eat more.... plus dont workout a part twice a week , it will burn the mucle... not get any gains and i would recommend.. mon... bis tris, wed, shoulders, traps, fridays ..chest back and sat legs. Plus do research and look at the workout forum.

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