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    test e and water retention issues

    hey bros

    how do you feel about test e and water retention?? do you guys have a lot of it while juicing?? also how long does it take to lose the water gained on a cycle...while using a clean diet and cardio

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    I have been on 750mg of test e for almost 10 weeks now and im retaining very little water, it all depends on the person( and the nolva helps to.)

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    I just started my Test E and EQ cycle and this time around I will be using around 1mg arimidex with 10mg. nolva. Last time I took a test e and EQ cycle my bp went way up from water retention. I looked very bloated, I did'nt get to see my estodial levels form that cycle but my last cycle was test prop @ 100mg EOD and it was 128 the normal being between 10-50. It seems as though I can't use test products without some sort of Anti-E or AI.

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