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    does inject vit b-12 really cut out the hurt from ed prop injections?

    i have done five days of test prop ed injections and i hurt in my azz both legs and now today my delt fuc this shiit hurts i feel terrible like i been run over?? could not do legs yet sheet i cant even hardly walk let along squat.
    i read that taking vit b-12 along with my prop takes the pain away is that really true i mean i dont want to waste money if its not really going to help besides b-12 what eles works also..

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    well the idea is that the biger % of ba in the product (prop has alot) the more it hurts. So when you add b12 it cuts the % of ba in half.

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    Try Viromone.. I think thats the name... painless prop.

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    I hear ya brother. Prop kicks my azz everytime. Not only does it hurt at every inj site but it drags me down big time as far as being tired and lethargic. I had to switch to cyp last cycle just so i could get all my work outs in. Ive heard it gets easier but Ive never stuck with it longer that 2 weeks both times Ive tried. Ive used the same amount of BA in cyp and prop and cyp is always painless whereas prop hurts like a MF. It must be the structure of the molecule more than the amount of BA in it.

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    mixing b12 will do nothing for you as it is water based and simply will not mix. You will need to cut it with sterile oil prferably the same kind of oil that the prop is suspended in.

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    im doin prop and it only hurts for a minute, u'll b fine. once ur a couple weeks in u'll get used to it.

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