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    Wellbutrin And Gear?

    I Just Got Put On Wellbutrin Xl. I Was Going To Hit A Cycle In About 3 Weeks. I Just Want To Know If Mixing These Drugs Will ***k Me Up.

    I Will Be Running D-bol, Test, And Tren . With Nolva Everyday,and Clo For Three Weeks After.

    Any Thing Helps! Thanks

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    from experience with a friend who is into a month on WXL, it will mess with your appetite. I think 3 weeks will probably be enough time to make sure the dosage is correct (this person I know had to go down because of increased blood pressure and anxiety). I don't think there are any direct contraindictions is it is a serotonin uptake inhibitor, but keep an eye out for the other effects that will affect your cycle - the blood pressure, appetite, etc. since the water retention and general cycle use typically affect those as well. just 2 cents, not medical advice or anything.

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    I don't think it will affect your cycle in any way!


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    Quote Originally Posted by Rocket
    I don't think it will affect your cycle in any way!

    agreed......possibly appetite which was already stated

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