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    Look I got a serious Test. question input plz

    I see a lot of "cycles" that have more lets say non-test mg per mg than actual test base I.E 400mg of Deca and only 250mg of Test E. Well most vets would tell you to make sure your Test base out weights your Deca.
    But lets say I have Prop at 75mg per week (525mg a week) and Deca at 400mg a week and lets say Tren at 75mg EOD (which is 260mg-ish). In this stack your Test is 525mg and your Deca and Tren are 660mg. In a situation like this am I good to go or should I bump up the test to ALWAYS come out on top?

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    good question... mods?

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    it looks good to me...u dont always have to have more test the other stuff...on my so called off cycle i only run test e at 250mg and primo at 400mg...but thats my off cycle lol(i know im not really off)

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    Ask your self this question. Is my test higher per week than my Deca , Yes. Is my test higher per week than my Tren , Yes. Thats all you need to know.

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