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    Problem with when my cycle ends

    Im planning on starting my 2nd cycle on December 1st in preparation for my next baseball season. Now my first cycle went great, and i was completly happy with the results, and i feel as if they helped me a whole lot to be where i was going into last season.

    my new cycle will look like This:
    1-4 Prop- 50mg ED
    1-12 EQ- 200mg E3D
    1-13 Test E- 250mg E3D
    13-15 Prop- 50mg ED

    The problem im having is that last year, i started my cycle in the middle of november, it lasted 10 another 3 for Clomid...and i had one more week...before we played an actual game.

    This year, ive started 2 weeks later (financial reasons), im going 5 weeks longer, and we player games 2 weeks im going to be in the middle of my clomid, during the heart of the season....i really dont want to do that

    now the question i just move the cycle say 4 weeks like january 1st, and stay on the juice all season ( i dont get tested)...or do i start the cycle at the same time..but just get more gear...

    im still a begginer at this..and could use some help


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    i would run it through the entire season if it was me, you dont want to be doiing pct during a play off game or something

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    For starters... I like how you have your cycle layed out, very thought out.

    I can understand why you dont want to run PCT during the season, but if you time up your PCT well, you shouldnt have any noticable problems. It wouldnt be a bad idea to extend the cycle through the season, just make sure you'll still have time to lift, or you'll just be wasting your money.

    Good Luck Brother.

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    25 a i have time to lift 6 out of 7 days of the week...the one day i can't is when i have to start...since i really wouldnt want to work out hand before i have to throw 130 pitches..

    i might just start it a little later...or extend it through the season

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