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    Prop Cycle w/ M1t?

    Hey guys I'm planning on starting a prop only cycle in about 2 weeks. I have a little M1t left over from a previous cycle, would it make any sense to add a little M1t to the beginning of the cycle, or would that just be stupid. Thanks bros.

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    Prop kicks in in a few days... no need for it but if you have it... I would personally use it although most will say it won't do anything extra for you...

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    dont even worry about the M1T. That crap will just make you all lethargic and shaky to where you wont eat. Just stick with the prop alone and make sure you have a good clean diet. Eat More Cals, Gain more mass, Eat less cals but healthier, Gain Mass but mostly lean. Stick with prop alone bro and dont mess with that PH crap. GOOD LUCK

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