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    Talking Primobolan depot cycle

    I got my hands on some primobolan depot, now i dont wanna use anything else but primobolan.

    I dont wanna gain 20 pounds of muscles either i just wanna get some good quality muscles, definition thats all.

    Can anyone tell me how to take it to get good results?

    How long should my cycle last? and what type of gains i should expect in the end.

    Thank you very much

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    I had someone recommend a primo cycle so I'll bump you. I want to find out as well.

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    I was thinking about taking a primo. only cycle to, but everyone advise me against it because my bf wasn't low enough. So, If your bf isn't low enough, you shouldn't bother taking a primo. only cycle(a waste of money unless using for incresae endurance for sports). Second, you need at least 300mg a week(which is expensive in human grade) to really see good results.

    But dude! if the bf is low and you have the required amounts(300mg mini.) you should love the hard quality results.

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    Guys I wouldnt recommend prmobolan alone . You are not going to see much on 300mg if you a guy. I have a girlfriend who uses 600mg a week eats perfect and has a nice tone body no muscles. It is a good precontest drug to make you hard on a low calorie diet but even then it should be used with something else. But every body is differnt maybe your body would resbound well to it. I would take some test to it even a low dosage. Go on a good high protein low carb diet and you will not gain to much weight.this is just my opion I sure there guys who made gains with primobolan tha are going to say just the oposite as me.

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    I've posted this a couple times in Primo related threads, I've never used it myself but a couple of my gym buds did when they found a smokin deal on it, they had ok results but swear anything less than 800mg /week is useless unless you're a female bb. They started at 800mg and finished using 1200mg I believe, and kept 10-15lbs in 8 weeks, roughly (I think those gains suck if you're paying full price for it, I know I couldn't afford 1200mg primo /week).

    Unless you can get it dirt cheap enough to run moderate doses with it I wouldn't waste your cash. If you don't won't bloat why not just run a gram of test with all the expensive anti-e's you can get your hands on and it'll still be cheaper, you'd gain more.

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