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    harder,more vascular?

    i havent shot eq. before and everyone is always talking about it making you look harder and more profound are the results after a cycle of conjunction with a proper cycle of course.are they dramatic or sure its like every thing else and varies from one person to the next looking for personal opinion or results thanks

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    If you want dramaticly vascular go with Test/Tren , you'll scare small children

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    Test Prop and Tren will harden you right up - throw in some Var at the end of the cycle if you can - a very lean cycle

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    Taking test cypa and eq! Half way thru the cycle started getting veins in places that I thought I never would! Eq has done a great jod for me as far becoming more vascular and my muscle hardness has went crazy!
    I LOVE EQ!!!

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    I dont know if my input is very meaningful but im almost five weeks into my first cycle of what started out as prop only and then going to add winstrol by week 6. so far i can say that ive gained 12-15 lbs. give or take a few and all of it is noticably lean muscle mass. i highly recommend prop because i too have noticed many veins starting to arise, particularly in my arms and shoulders but im hoping by the end of this i can start seeing veins in my abs. so i would definately say take prop and something else.

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