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    10mg Of DIANABOL (ONLY)

    Hey guyrs im about to do my frist cycle in December.

    10mg of Dianabol in the morning ED in 60 days.

    Im 18-years-old.
    Low BF%

    almost 2 yers of good traning.

    Im thinking of doing this cycle with Dbol 10mg ED..
    whats up with that, ey, my dick is not gonna stop
    working, right? Dbol dosent do that..

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    No test= No cycle

    If you're not ready to stab yourself, you're not ready for steroids . At 18 years of age it's still pretty young, most brothers on the board would recommend to wait to at least 21. Even at that it's still pretty young. Run a search thread for "first cycles" you'll find alot of good advice.

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    AnabolicAlien Guest


    please don't do that to yourself bro.


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    Bro, do some thinking and a lil more reasearch. You're young and Dbol only is not a cycle. Wait a little longer or if you must, get some prohormones before the ban. hope that helps

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