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Thread: Scalp Itch

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    Scalp Itch

    Currently Running Test E,Tren A, Test Prop

    Sometimes while lifting my head starts to itch really bad i dont itch it in fear of damaging whatever but does anyone know how to prevent this becuase it ovbiously seems like a sign of hairloss to me.

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    My scalp itches from the Tren A. Thats what happened the first couple days and then i broke out into a rash. Take a look at my Tren Rash thread. Sounds like you might be getting the rash or you might have a hairloss problem as well.

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    try nizoral, it can also help with hair loss

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    Nizoral for me Bro

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    my scalp get's mad itchy too on cycle.
    head and shoulders for ithcy scalp.. lather up good every morning.. it cures it. Simple as that.

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