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    Bromo Question????

    I will be doing my first cycle with tren and from what I have read on the site that bromo is the only thing that will block gyno from tren and deca .
    I know that bromo is not an OTC and I will have to find it.
    What is the correct name for it and not the abbreviation?
    Also what should the dosing be like for it?
    Is there anything else that I could take other than B6?
    I be taking test prop 100mg ED and tren 75mg EOD for 8 weeks and I weigh 230lb.

    Thanks in advance for any responses.....

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    You could take vitex instead of b6, but IMO b6 is good, and have seen better results through my researchimg with b6. I think you should keep the bromo on hand just in case. Do a google search to find some bromo, goodluck and have fun with the tren it is the sh*t

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    Thanks bro....check out this link i found when I ran a search. I found this interesting read about progesterone.

    posted by shortz
    Post by Pheedno. Always a pleasure reading his posts...

    I would like to cear up a few misconceptions about progesterone and gynecomastia .

    Their is absolutely no steroid that aromatizes into progesterone. The reason for this is that progesteron does not have an aromatic A ring. So toss that myth out the window. Tren ? Deca ? Sorry but it just doesn't happen.

    Now Tren and Deca bind pretty well to the PR. They are progestins in their own right without undergoing any structural changes, but their affinity is MUCH weaker than progesterone itself. Even more so when nandrolone is reduced by 5-alpha reductase into DHN. Their is a small chance of progestogenic activity that could aid in manifesting a mass in the mammry IF estrogen is present in supraphysiological amounts, without proper ratio to testosterone but I have never see a documented case of progestogenic gynecomastia. The reason for this is that the PR has two isoforms. The PR-A and PR-B. PR-B mediates stimulatory effects of progestins; PR-A which is bound with progestins or anti-progestins inhibits PR-B, and PR-A is dominant,. The response to progesterone is determined by the relative expression of the two isoforms.

    There is a direct relationship between the PR isoforms and steroid concentrations an this direct relationship suggests high progesterone concentrations, but this will induce the expression of PR-A, which represses transcription of PR-B, which in turn supresses PR function and progestin effect
    With initial administration of nandrolone or it's dirivitives, I could see an expression of PR-B but a rapid rise in PR-A will ultimately supress the function of the PR. IMO, you would need a high ratio of the two before concerns, and this is a bit more of a possiblity with the begining of administration. In this time of vulnerability, rest assured in aromatase inhibitors as progesterone is an E2 agonist so the utilization of an AI will help. I personally don't think the concern is warranted though

    Their are 4 combinations of hormones that cause gyno- Estrogen, Progesterone, Prolactin, and IGF. Nandrolone is a weak progestin, which agonizes the PRL, it also raises IGF. Progesterone induced gyno is not really of a concern given binding affinity to the PR and the mechanism of the two isoforms. The production of prolactin is a deffinate risk. Not only can it be an inductor for gyno along side estrogen, IGF, and pogesterone; this chance is increased as prolactn lowers testosterone. So you need to make sure to take proper precautions to not only keep estrogen in check, but prolactin as well.

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