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    hey j/w about certain mass cycles... dnt seem like to many

    i have seen some mass cycles but most ppl i know are usually doin some supertest and deca dbol what else is there?

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    Well.. the reason most people use because it is king of anabolic compounds..and it's cheap... The reason people use Deca is because it is also a VERY good Anabolic compound (it is a VERY effective androgenic compound) Deca increases Colligen synthesis, and it also increase synovial fluid on the joints...

    Dbol is used because it "Kick" starts the synthetic levels of testosterone in your body so the need to wait for Testosterone injections to kick in is removed.

    DECA/TEST are commonly used as bulkers because they work.. that is why.. plan pure and simple.. there is no need to re-invent the wheel here.

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