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    Someone please explain this to me...

    I have been SO confused on this topic but let me explain my situation so somebody can hopefully help me.
    I have never experienced hairloss before, however I have naturally thin hair and I know I am prone to MPB. My grandpa went bald when he was 40 (on moms side).

    I am going to Run 10 weeks of Test Enan at 500mgs
    My question is...since I never experienced hairloss...if I were to take something like Finasteride (or even dutasteride, which is better?) would I knock the DHT conversion to a low enough percentage that I could just maintain where I am at now? And when I stop after post cycle...I'm not going to lose any hair right? Just go back to where I was?
    Thanks a lotttttttt anybody who can help me.

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    I've read on this board this drugs like Finasteride, dutasteride when used with testosterone can greatly reduce hair loss. i believe that the dutasteride is the better one.......i also read you should start the Finasteride 6 months before cycle.

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    everybody reacts differently, but yes the best precaution would be dutasteride. And like big said, take it asap before starting your cycle. I take it 1 month in advance and haven't seen any shedding yet, but the sooner you take the finas. or dutas. the better.

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