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    best cycle for cutting

    okay thinking of cutting i wanna take tren enuthunate and winny and clomid maybe throw in prop . i had a question does winny lose bodyfat they say it makes you hard what do they mean. and tren enuathante since it has test in it will it bloat me up it 250mg ml . which is better for cutting masteron , eq, winny or anavar . winny or anavar and keeping gains wise which is better

    if their is better cutting cycle suggest i am at 30 percent bodyfat i got big shoulders and muscular arms but rest of it is fat so how do i lose i got eca and stuff but iwanna use roids to cut so help and how do i cut keep calories high or low and carbs low orhigh or protien help me out and how much can i gain off this cycle winny and tren , test e using clomid as well . i want lean gains while reducing bodyfat. bye take care

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    Ummm no flame bro but is english you 2nd language? Where are you from? Are you sure you are 30% BF? That's alot to fat if so do not cycle as yet.......try to get your BF down to at least in the low 20ties. As for a cycle 500mg testosterone enanthate per week combined 400mg trenbolone enanthate per week is a good start......i'm getting ahead of myself how many cycles have you done before if any?

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    I started Stanol V "winstrol " 7 days ago and am seeing results already. I am on a sust 250 cycle right now at 500 a week and used dbol weeks 1-4. As for how it makes you look hard, look at some member pics but search for cpitt398's pictures. Thats what they mean by hard. But you have a high bf so you would want to get that down before doing that or all you will get is hair loss.

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    bro if u have 30% bf u definately shouldnt b hitting the sauce yet. get a good clean diet goin and hit the cardio. once u drop down ur bf by at least 10% then maybe consider juuice. until then just do lots of research.

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